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Customer Reviews
I never managed my pond before, why start now?

I never managed my pond before, why start now?

Why should I manage my pond?

What is your pond's purpose?

  • Something to look at
  • Boating/Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Irrigation/Agriculture

Just for the beauty:

Your pond is the gem of your property. You find enjoyment from sitting and watching the wildlife in and around the pond. Pond maintenance is key because over time weeds, algae, and muck will accumulate. Muck feeds algae, and dead algae feeds more algae. The beautiful wildlife and birds introduce species of weeds carried from other ponds and streams. Stay ahead of these common problems with proactive treatments.


You take full advantage of what your pond has to offer. Keeping shorelines clean and the pond bottom clear of vegetation are necessities. No one wants to sink into sludge when trying to swim or launch a boat. Fishing becomes more work than fun when your line reels in weeds/algae instead of fish. Don't let your fun be ruined by nuisance weeds and muck!


Your pond is used as a water source for cattle and crops. Ponds in agricultural areas are often prone to algae blooms caused by high nutrients in the water. The look of algae covering the water may not be a concern for you. However, certain strains of algae can be toxic to humans and animals. Without testing the algae it is difficult to determine by looks alone, if the strain is toxic or not. Managing the nutrient load and algae blooms are important.

Here are ways to help with the problems listed above:

Pond Dye:

If nothing else, dye your pond! This is the economical management tool you can utilize. Dye blocks sun rays from reaching the bottom where weeds and algae grow.  Pond Dye can be used after chemical treatment to control re-growth. Safe for humans, animals, aquatic life, and irrigation. Treat at least once per month for best results. If you aren't keen on the idea of your pond looking like a bright blue oasis, no worries! We make darker, natural-looking dyes too. If you prefer the more natural look, try our Midnight Blue, or Reflective Black. If you like to have bright blue water, go with the Vivid Blue.

Muck Remover:

Muck reducing pellets are a formulation of beneficial bacteria that consume unwanted bottom muck/sludge that accumulates from years of build-up of dead weeds & algae, as well as fish waste and other vegetation that falls into the pond. Utilizing Muck Remover yields major savings compared to dredging the material. Muck Remover should be used every 2 weeks for maximum effectiveness. Best results are achieved when using this product for 3 or more consecutive more consecutive months.

Pond Cleanse:

Beneficial bacteria packets are designed to clean pond water. Pond Cleanse breaks down nutrients and suspended muck that result in cloudy water. High nutrients (nitrate, ammonia) can lead to poor fish health, stunted growth, and even death.  Nutrients in water can also trigger green water algae blooms. For green water, we highly recommend a combination of Pond Cleanse and Bacteria Booster. Treat with Pond Cleanse every 2 weeks for maximum effectiveness. Best results are achieved when using this product for 3 or more consecutive more consecutive months.

Bacteria Booster:

Bacteria Booster INCREASES THE EFFECTIVENESS OF MUCK REMOVER & POND CLEANSE. Bacteria Booster also binds phosphate- an algae-causing nutrient. This treatment is your work horse that gives your beneficial bacterias that extra "push" to do their job. Treat every 2 weeks with bacteria treatment.


The puzzle piece that brings everything together- bottom aeration. Pond aeration allows treatments to work at their maximum potential. Aeration also reduces the amount of new muck accumulation. If chemicals are needed occasionally, aeration lowers the risk of a fish kill. 

Is your pond already overrun with weeds and algae?

We recommend starting with an aquatic herbicide/algaecide to kill off current vegetation before starting natural treatments. Algae has no root system and can return quickly. Natural treatments are vital for continued control. Weeds that are left untreated dye back each year, adding to the muck accumulation. This can quickly turn an area that is 3' deep to 2' deep. Before you know it, the area turns in to a glorified wetland that seems impossible to manage. To treat both weeds and algae at the same time mix Cutrine Plus, Tsunami DQ, and PlexMate. This mixture is also excellent for hard-to-kill weeds.

To sum things up...your pond needs help. Staying proactive with management keeps a pond more usable. It also limits the possibility of needing a full-blown restoration project that requires equipment, loss of fish, permitting, and of course lots of $$$.

Jul 6th 2017 Heather Newhart

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