Hydro Glow Submersible LED Light DS100

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  • Underwater dock light - high power Green LED
  • LED dock light - high intensity green
  • LED dock light - 5 minute installation


Hydro Glow Submersible LED Light DS100 - High-Intensity LED

You will be WOWED by the Hydro Glow Underwater Lights! The green HydroGlow Light attracts fish, leading to great night fishing!

Low voltage - 100% Safe for use in fresh or salt water!

Incredible high-intensity LED transforms dock areas into night-time aquariums.  See fish up-close with incredible detail as they are attracted to the light.  

High quality, energy efficient, water proof, under water dock lights.  The DS100 features 100 watts of High Intensity LED dock light power!

DS100 output is 12,000 lumens!

This DS100 underwater light offers portability or permanent installation options. This submersible LED light blasts light both horizontally and vertically illuminating areas up to 25 feet or more in clear water conditions! The DS100 will make your dock a living aquarium.

The DS100 includes a 50 foot cord, a 120v to 24v power supply to provide safe 24 volt current to the light and an array of ultra-high output LEDs for maximum output and energy efficiency. 

How to Install:

The DS100 is designed to be deployed right off the side of the dock.  The light is self weighted and hangs from the anchor point.  For best results, lower the light about 1 foot deep below the low water mark and either tie the cord to a cleat or attach the cord to the dock for a more permanent installation. Because there are no special transformers, ballasts and other parts, there is no need for an electrician. Installation takes about 5 minutes.  The transformer can be mounted easily near a 120 volt outlet.  

We recommend turning off any other white lights on the dock.  You will be amazed at the amount of fish you will see with the Hydro Glow DS100

2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty


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