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Customer Reviews

Garden Pond Waterfalls

 Waterfall Construction

Nothing says relax quite like the sound of flowing water.

Imagine settling into your stream side bench with a favorite book and letting the sounds of everyday busy life disappear into the whispering water.

Distractions are drowned out and tension melts away.

For larger ponds and lakes waterfalls can be used as an excellent aerator and biological filter.

If your waterscaping plans call for a small pondless waterfall or pondfree waterfall , we carry just the product.

Savio Engineering manufactures a complete package in 2 sizes perfect for a small garden setting. Everything but the rock necessary for construction of the pondless waterfall is included - even a can of black waterfall foam for sealing openings in the rock to keep water flowing on the surface of your beautiful new waterfall.

A pondless waterfall can be constructed without deep open water. This makes the pondless waterfall perfect for those who love flowing water, but perhaps have small children in the house. Pond free waterfalls are virtually maintenance free.

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Waterfall design

Natural Waterscapes has unparalleled experience in design and construction of streams and waterfalls. From miniature to massive, we have experience with flowing water from 1 foot wide to over 70 feet wide!

The waterfall experts at Natural Waterscapes have spent years surveying, measuring, and photographing natural streams and waterfalls. We believe that nature provides the perfect template for constructed waterfalls and streams. Put our intimate knowledge of flowing water to work on your waterfall today. Our design team is ready to bring cascading water to your environment.

Waterfalls for Aeration

A growing trend in large ponds is the addition of a waterfall and/or secondary pond (which functions as a biological filter).

Build a waterfall adjacent to a large pond or lake to provide an attractive alternative to aeration fountains or bottom aeration systems. The waterfall or stream flowing back to the pond or lake also provides biological filtration and habitat diversity.

You will be amazed at the additional wildlife species, song birds, and other creatures that visit your waterfall.  

Compressed air plate aerators can also be efficient in many ponds and lakes, however if water temperature is a concern, plate aerators may not be the best choice as they tend to break up the temperature stratification in the pond. Waterfalls can provide excellent aeration without altering the natural temperature stratification that is so important for cold water fish.

A large waterfall or stream makes the perfect addition to a retreat property lake or pond and brings a touch of class to large bodies of water in more urban areas. Traditional stormwater management ponds can be transformed from an eyesore to an attractive asset by addition of a large waterfall.

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pondless waterfalls

Kid safe and parent approved. A pondless waterfall can be constructed without deep water zones making it the perfect water feature for those with young adventurers

Pondfree waterfall kit

This pondless waterfall was constructed in a flat area adjacent to a gazebo using only excavated material from the pondless basin.

One of the most frequently asked questions about waterfall construction is how much water flow do I need? Followed by, What size pump should I buy?

A GENERAL rule of thumb is that you should have a ABSOLUTE MINIMUM FLOW of 100 gallons per hour for each inch of waterfall width. This should be measured at the widest spill rock in the waterfall. The pump should be sized based on your calculated flow.

However, you will need to account for hydraulic head losses which are the forces that work against your pump. The main losses for a waterfall pump are elevation (the difference in height from the water surface in the pump basin to the spillway the top of the waterfall) and pipe friction. Before buying a pump, be sure that you can look at the pump curve which shows how much flow can be expected from the pump at a variety of hydraulic heads. At a bare minimum, be sure to account for the hydraulic head due to the elevation change which is simply the difference in water surface elevations typically measured in feet.