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Catt Plex Aquatic Herbicide

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CattPlex 32 oz Aquatic Herbicide - Kill Cattails and Shoreline Grasses

Treats 10,000 square feet

Systemic aquatic herbicide- kills aquatic weeds to the roots. Catt Plex is a glyphosate based treatment to kill emergent pond weeds. 

Effected aquatic weeds include:

Water Lilies
Water Shield
Alligator Weed
Purple Loosestrife
Water Primrose

Why should I use CattPlex?

When properly applied, Catt Plex will kill to the root any emergent weeds (exposed above the water line) that are sprayed. Unlike other pond herbicides, Catt Plex does not stay resident in water, making it safe for fish and wildlife.

When is the best time to use CattPlex?

For best results, apply Catt Plex to mature plants. Catt Plex should be applied to target weeds early on a clear sunny day. This gives the aquatic herbicide time to be drawn into the weed during peak photosynthesis.

Aquatic Weed Treatment Instructions:

Mix in tank sprayer. Spray only on foliage above the water's surface. Completely wet foliage surface. 3 gallon Sprayer sold here

Proper Application Requires Mixing Plex Mate with Catt Plex. Mix 2oz of Plex Mate  per gallon of treatment mixture (water & herbicide). Plex Mate is a surfactant, which makes the Catt Plex stick to the weeds. 

CattPlex Dosage Rates
Treatment Area
        CattPlex         Water
2,500 Sq. Feet         8 Ounces         2 Gallons    
5,000 Sq. Feet         16 Ounces         4 Gallons    
 10,000 Sq. Feet          32 Ounces          8 Gallons


Active Ingredient: Glyphosate 53.8%

No Water Restrictions

Shipping Restrictions: Cannot be shipped to Alaska, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, New Jersey, New York


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