BriteStar 1 Solar Aeration by VERTEX

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  • Solar Pond Aerator - Britestar1 by Vertex
  • Aerator diffuser - XL2 - place on pond bottom
  • Pond circulation from bottom aerator
  • Circulation pattern from pond aeration
  • Pond aeration disk produces fine bubbles
  • Solar Pond Aerator - Britestar1 by Vertex
  • Aerator diffuser - XL2 - place on pond bottom
  • Pond circulation from bottom aerator
  • Circulation pattern from pond aeration
  • Pond aeration disk produces fine bubbles


Solar Pond Aerator  
BriteStar 1 Battery-Free Solar Aerator

Solar Aeration for ponds up to 1 acre

Vertex Water Features new lines of affordable, battery-free, high efficiency solar aerators are an environmentally and financially responsible solution for your pond or lake aeration needs.

Our economical break-through solar technology provides more aeration at both a lower purchase price and lower long term maintenance costs.

Battery-Free Engineering Saves Time and Money

Batteries are an expensive component of existing systems, they require charge controllers, transformers and a time clock to work and all of those parts have high replacement costs. BriteStar battery-free solar aeration systems cost about HALF as much as battery run systems and have a MUCH LOWER cost of ownership over the life of the system.

BriteStar charts

High Torque 24V BrushLess DC Digital Motor

  • Powerful brushless motor design minimizes pressure loss to provide more air to your pond at greater depths
  • Digital motor controller constantly balances solar power for maximum air flow at deeper depths
  • Provides superior durability and reliability over ordinary (PM) permanent magnetic motors
  • Has over 3X the life expectancy of a PM motor, about 10,000 hours versus about 3,000 hours for a PM motor
  • Balanced components for a low noise and vibration free environment
  • BriteStar compressors are backed by Vertex with a two year warranty

Solar Pond Aeration Brochure

System Comes With:

2-260W Solar Panels with Racking

1-Digital 24VBLDC Motor

1-XL2 AirStation Diffuser (Max Depth 20')

1- Powder Coated Aluminum Compressor Cabinet


Solar Panels for Aerator

  • Two 260W High efficiency solar panels per system
  • 520W capacity allows operation on cloudy days
  • Powers the system with as little as 20% sunlight
  • Standard racking included
  BriteStar Solar Panels

BriteStar Compressor


Pond Aerator Cabinet/Compressor

  • Eliminates expensive batteries, charge controller and time clock replacement costs Advanced digital circuitry extends daily operating hours
  • Commercial grade Brookwood compressor for long life
  • 24V DC operation provides highest efficiency
  • 15 PSI output works in both shallow and deep water sites
  • Heavy duty, long lasting, all aluminum cabinet – not plastic
  • High capacity cooling fan for extended compressor life

Vertex AirStation Diffusers

  • Single or Coactive AirStation(s)
  • Durable ABS diffuser base
  • Vertex MicronBubble3 self-cleaning diffusers - no acid or ultrasonic cleaning required

How large are the panels?

The solar panels consist of two 250 watt panels mounted side by side for a total measurement of 65” tall, 78.38” wide and 1.5” thick.

What size pole is needed to mount the solar panels?

The pole we recommend is a galvanized pole that is 3.5”OD. In the manual it references the maximum and minimum heights for the pole. Some customers prefer a low profile.

How deep is the hole for the pole?

The concrete layout is also provided in the manual. We recommend a 3’ deep x 18” wide hole. Also add (2) 18” pieces of rebar in the pole to provide extra stability in high wind conditions. The entire hole should be filled with concrete.

Will the system work in cloudy conditions?

BriteStar Solar systems require 150 Watts per square meter (W/m^2) to operate or as little as 20% sunlight.  An irradiance meter can be used to measure the sunlight intensity. 

What is the reasoning for the BLDC Compressor?

The BLDC Compressor (Brushless Direct Current) lasts longer and more efficiently than a “brushed” compressor. The lifespan on a BLDC is 10,000 hours vs 3,000 for a brushed compressor.

Can the system be switched to AC (Alternating Current)?

These systems are not designed to run on an AC supply.  They require 30-36 Volts in and then convert this to 24V for the compressor to run on.

Is there a startup procedure?

A startup procedure is required. There is a breaker inside the cabinet to turn the unit on and off for the startup. It will take only five days for the startup and then the unit can run on its own.


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Additional Information

Pond Size:
up to 1 acre
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1 Review

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    Incredible system

    Posted by Richard Tannahill on Oct 13th 2016

    I ordered the BriteStar 1 after Vertex Water Features did a design for my pond. They also referred me to a local installer but this was a DIY project. Both Vertex and the referred installed, who did contact me, were friendly and professional. I received the package with free delivery on a pallet of a few boxes. The only thing I had to purchase on my own, which was known at the time of purchase, was a 3" x 8' pipe and the concrete to set it. I was very impressed with the packaging when it arrived. Everything was bound on a single pallet and protected in individual boxes. I installed the pipe on Saturday and let cure overnight and had the entire system complete and running by noon on Sunday! The design of the system is almost fool proof with all the wiring pre-attached with only male/female couplers to connect the solar panels to the pump so you can't make a mistake. I installed this alone with my wife assisting to lift the panels on to the pre-assembled panel rack but I could have done it alone if I had to (I do recommend 2 to lift the panels. The hardest part for me was getting the weighted pipe out to the middle of the pond where the design designated, not because of the hose, but because it is weighted and my trolling motor wasn't strong enough to drag it out. I ended up coiling it onto my pond boat and rowing out and the line fed itself into the water. I don't think I ever put anything together that was so correct! Everything fit and worked as advertised! The aerator is cycling through its start-up and working great. I YouTubed the install so look for it soon.

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