Bluegill/Bass Pack (15 Bluegill, 5 Largemouth Bass, 2-4")

Live Bluegill & Largemouth Bass for Pond Stocking

Pond Stocking Pack

15- Bluegill sunfish
5- Largemouth bass

Fish size: 2-4"

Live bass and bluegill are perfect for farm pond, recreational pond, lake, and fishing pond. Live fish arrive in insulated package to ensure fish are safe and healthy.

When stocking a pond we recommend 1 predator fish for every 3 prey fish. Bass are predator fish. Bluegill are prey fish.


Bluegill sunfish characteristics

Color: Green
Pattern: Vertical stripes
Potential growth per year: 2"
Average adult length: 12"
Bluegill diet: Insects, small fish, game fish food

Largemouth bass characteristics

Color: Green
Pattern: Lateral black line on both sides 
Average adult length: 16"
Average adult weight: 2.5 lb
Potential growth per year: 0.5 lb
Bass diet: Fish, crayfish, frogs, game fish food

Growth rates vary greatly on food source and water quality.