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The Benefits of Bottom Aeration in Large Ponds

Bottom aeration is ideal for ponds of all sizes. These systems provide maximum water circulation and aeration.

The shoreline air pump pushes compressed air through diffuser plates that sit at the pond's bottom. The oxygen creates a circulation pattern that turns over the entire body of water. This increases oxygen levels throughout the pond, and balances water temperature.

Typical ponds have stratified water. Deeper water holds very little oxygen, making it inhabitable to fish. Bottom aeration eliminates the thermocline, making all water safe for fish. In winter months, bottom aeration greatly reduces the risk of fish kills. Toxic gases from dead vegetation can easily escape the pond through openings in ice created by the aerator.

Pond Aeration Diffuser

Ponds that are properly aerated provide a perfect environment for aerobic bacteria (oxygen-loving bacteria) like Pond Cleanse and Muck Remover to thrive. Using these treatments in conjunction with aeration clears bottom muck and improves water clarity

Dec 18th 2015

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