Bacteria Booster 7 lb

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  • Bacteria Booster is a natural powder that increases the effectiveness of beneficial bacteria treatments
  • Bacteria Booster powder


Bacteria Booster 7 lb (14 scoops)- beneficial bacteria enhancer

  • Increases effectiveness of POND CLEANSE & MUCK REMOVER 
  • Contains 70 trace minerals to promote fish health
  • Helps to buffer pH
  • Safe for all aquatic & domestic life

Bacteria Booster is an all natural additive to boost the effects of Muck Remover & Pond Cleanse. Gives your bacteria treatments an extra “push” to do their job better.

7 lbs treats 1.75 acres or 1/4 acre for 3.5 months


Bacteria Booster Application:

2 scoops per 1/4 acre every 2 weeks. Mix scoops in 2-3 gallons of water to dissolve. Pour mixture along shoreline. Bacteria Booster does not have a water temperature restriction.


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