TidalWave 2000 gph Pond & Waterfall Pump by ATLANTIC

Atlantic 2,000 gph Pond & Waterfall Pump

The newly designed Atlantic TidalWave TT Pond and Waterfall Pumps are highly efficient. These asynchronous pumps are clog resistant and hard water tolerant.  The TidalWave TT Pumps are designed to operate either vertically or horizontally in the pond or skimmer.

The easy to use design of the TT Pump contains no screws. This means you can take apart the pump without having to get out your toolbox! 

Pump Features:

  • Large inlet and outlet for less restriction and greater flows
  • Access to impeller without the use of tools
  • Large openings in pre filter to limit clogging
  • Three vane hybrid impeller improves flow and passes solids easily

Pump Specs:

  • Max GPH: 2,640
  • GPH @ 5' : 1,760  GPH @ 10' : 715  GPH @ 15': ---
  • Watts: 115
  • 20' Cord
  • 3 Year Warranty 

If you are looking for a great pre-filter for this pump, we recommend the Matala EZ Bio20 filter. These filters screw on the front of the pump(no tubing or fittings needed to connect to the pump). 


Pump Tip:

The rotors of asynchronous TidalWave Pumps are water cooled, with a screen to keep grit out of the rotor chamber. Keeping the screen clean will prevent overheating and prolong the life of the pump.