ATLANTIC Pro Series Skimmer 6"

Atlantic Big Bahama Pro Series Skimmer 6 "

Atlantic skimmers remove leaves and other floating debris from the pond surface while housing the pond pump.

Big Bahama Pro Series Features

  • Sturdy removable top lid supports natural rock camouflage and foot traffic
  • Heavy-duty brush panel provides maximum surface area for mechanical filtration
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel framed trap net for catching large debris
  • NEW rolled upper rim provides clean lines and incredible strength.
  • Super Flow weir door for maximum surface cleaning
  • Gatekeeper brush panel (sold separately) allows leaves and debris to pass while restricting fish and frogs from entering the skimmer
  • High-density polyethylene shell for the ultimate in durability

Model: PS4600
Weir Width: 6''
Dimensions: 19.5''W x 26''D x 22''H
Pump Range: 2,000-4,000 gph
Filtering: net, brush panel
Match FilterFalls: BF1900
SFR: 400

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