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Aqua Control

Aqua Control

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Aqua Control Fountains - Premium Pond Fountains

Since 1970, Aqua Control Inc has been manufacturing quality floating fountains for ponds and lakes. Aqua control fountains are manufactured in the United States with strict quality control and attention to detail.

The Aqua Control line of fountains ranges from small 1/2 horsepower fountain pumps to massive 40 horsepower pumps that move an incredible amount of water skyward. Innovative floating fountain products include the recently released Twister module for spinning fountain displays.

The new Twister fountain module includes the option for multiple eye-catching water feature displays that are sure to draw attention.

Each fountain from the basic Fusion Series Fountains to the massive Titan Series Fountains has multiple spray pattern options for the best fit for a pond or lake.

When looking for the best small pond fountain, the Aqua Control Fusion Cluster Arch Nozzle has a higher and wider spray than any leading competitor. A 3-year warranty for the fountain provides peace of mind for long-term value.  The Fusion Fountains include a spray nozzle package with 6 different patterns that can be changed any time.  The standard plug and play control panel has a timer for fountain pump operation and a photocell for light controls.

Specialized Bowl Water Fountains are designed for shallow water and tight confines. Heavy streams of water resist being blown by wind and allow the sprays to be used in smaller formal fountains and ponds in windy areas.

Aquacontrol Fountains