Aqua Control Fusion Series Aerating Fountain 1 HP
$2,399.99 - $3,797.99

Aqua Control Fusion Floating Fountain for Pond 1 HP

The Fusion Aerating Fountain is the superior option for surface aeration in recreational ponds, farm ponds, swim ponds. 

Here's what you get with an Aqua Control Fountain- Fusion Series

  • 1 HP Fountain Motor with Float
  • Standard Nozzle Package- 6 patterns included
  • Underwater Cable with Quick Disconnect
  • "Plug & Play" Control Panel
  • 3 Year Warranty

What makes this Pond Fountain BETTER than the Competition?

MOTOR- Output of this 1 HP motor outperforms most 1 HP motors

INTAKE- The intake screen provides a larger area for water to pull with less likelihood of clogging

PATTERNS- 6 Standard Nozzle Options are included, and Optional Extension Package with 12 additional patterns available(for an additional fee)

WARRANTY-  3 Year Warranty Included


General Fountain Specs

Volts: 120V
Max Amps: 14A
Typical GPM: 195 gpm
Min Water Depth(vertical): 32"
Min Water Depth(horizontal): 16"


Fusion Fountain Spray Patterns

Pattern Height Diameter
Tornado 7 ft 28 ft
Cluster Arch 11 ft 14 ft
Daffodil 8 ft 20 ft
Flare 3.5 ft 28 ft
Lily 8 ft 22 ft
Super Lily 7 ft 10 ft

Included Spray Patterns


Optional Lighting Available