AerMaster DD3 Solar Pond Aerator
Solar Aerator

AerMaster Solar Aeration DD3

AerMaster DD is a solar powered aeration system, perfect for ponds without an available power source. This complete aeration kit aerates your pond during daylight hours. 

Designed to aerate ponds up to 1.5 acres

AerMaster Aeration System Includes:

2 Solar Panels with Racking
5' Mounting Pole
Powder Coated Aluminum Cabinet with Cooling Fan
Direct Drive DC Compressor
Two Dual Plate Diffuser Station
200' Weighted Airline

System Specifications:

Max pond size: 1.5 acre
Max pond depth: 12' deep
CFM: 2.8
Manufacturers Warranty: 2 years on complete system, 5 years on diffuser & airline, 15 years on Solar Panels, Lifetime Warranty against rust on cabinet


Are any additional supplies needed to set up this solar aeration system?

The AerMaster DD Solar includes all necessary aeration components- compressor, cabinet, self-weighted diffuser, 200' weighted airline, solar panels and racking. You will only need to purchase 3-4 50lb bags of concrete to secure the mounting pole